Benefits Of Grooming Your Horse

By Palani_CML

You’ve just adopted a sweet little mare named Dottie, and you’ve prepared a nice cozy stall and grassy pasture she should really enjoy. You’ve also booked a new patient appointment with your Millsap veterinarian, who will give Dottie a complete physical exam and make sure she’s up to date on her required vaccinations. Next, you’re headed to the local tack shop to purchase some grooming tools. You’ve learned that grooming Dottie daily provides benefits for both you and your horse.

Hands-on Health Check

When you groom Dottie daily, the grooming procedure should go pretty quickly. During that short time, though, you’ll run your brush or your hands over every part of her body, giving you a chance to check Dottie’s overall health. Perhaps you find a bump or a strange rash that wasn’t there yesterday. Maybe Dottie winces when you stroke a specific area, and on gentle probing you notice a swelling at that location. These daily mini-exams help you notice any abnormalities so you can alert your vet if necessary.

Physical Benefits for Your Horse

While wild horses regularly groom each other, you’re effectively becoming Dottie’s herd companion, giving you the chance for lots of physical contact with her. Grooming Dottie daily helps you massage her large muscle groups and improve blood flow to her skin surfaces. When you take the time to regularly pick her hooves, you keep her feet neat and tidy and help prevent common hoof diseases.

Good Muscle Workout For You

You might think Dottie’s the only one getting a good workout; however, a thorough, energetic grooming session works your muscles, too. You’ll help strengthen your triceps and shoulder muscles by firmly working your body brush over the top of Dottie’s back. Stretching and bending to reach Dottie’s neck, head, and legs increases your flexibility while improving your muscle tone. If you’re paying to use your gym’s weight training equipment, you might want to give that expense a second look.

Spending this quality time with Dottie will help you learn about her personality, likes, and dislikes. This regular contact will also encourage her to trust you, and may help her realize you’re there to help her for the long haul. Your human-horse bond will grow stronger with every activity you and Dottie share. This time next year, your Millsap vet will hopefully visit a happy, well-adjusted horse who gets lots of love and grooming attention.


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