Cat Keeping You Awake At Night?

By Palani_CML

Although cats like to sleep for hours on end, many are active at night. Their meowing and pawing might keep you up at night. To stop this behavior, follow these tips from a Millsap veterinary professional.

Visit the Vet

Before doing anything, set up an appointment to visit your veterinarian’s office. You’ll want to get any medical issues that could be causing your cat’s behavior ruled out from the get-go. Pain or discomfort could be causing your cat to move around at night, whining or meowing. If your vet rules out any medical cause for the behavior, try the following tips.

Play in the Evening

Have a nice play session with your cat in the evening. Use her favorite toys or a simple piece of string and dance it around in front of your cat’s face. Laser lights can also be very enticing to a cat—whatever you use, play until your cat seems tired. With any luck, she’ll be worn out and sleep through the night!

Feed in the Evening

Feeding in the evening, shortly before bedtime, can help your cat to sleep during the night. Since cats tend to go to sleep after a meal, eating just before you go to bed can result in hours of undisturbed sleep. Don’t overdo the portion size, as your cat will gain weight.

Use Deterrents

Putting a deterrent of some kind outside of your door can help give your cat the hint to stay away from your bedroom at night. Put something in front of the door that your cat won’t want to step on, like double-sided tape, aluminum foil, or a commercial deterring mat, available at most pet shops. Your cat will be startled when he runs into these objects at your door, and isn’t likely to return.

Seek Professional Help

If none of these tricks work and your cat’s behavior is continuing, you may have to seek the help of a certified animal behaviorist or an animal trainer. These professionals can train your cat to stop her behavior and let you get a full night’s sleep! Call your Millsap veterinarian for a referral.


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