Fourth Of July Pet Safety Tips

By Palani_CML

Independence Day is only a few short days away, and you’re likely planning on celebrating with friends, family, and food. Make sure your pet stays safe around the festivities! Use these guidelines from a Millsap vet.

Picnic Precautions

Your holiday picnic or party probably has various dangerous foods for pets. Common picnic foods like avocado, onions, garlic, grapes and raisins, chocolate, and candy are all very toxic to pets and should be watched carefully. Also keep in mind that alcohol can wreak havoc on a pet’s systems, so take care to have your pet avoid all beer, wine, liquor, or champagne.

Safety in the Sun

There’s a good bet your pet will be spending time in the sun and heat this holiday. Make sure he or she has a shady spot to relax under and a dish of cool, fresh water at all times. If there’s an air-conditioned space available, let your pet inside of it periodically to cool down. Some pets benefit from the use of a cat- or dog-specific sunscreen to protect their skin; ask your vet to recommend a product.

Local Fireworks Displays

Thinking of taking your dog to the local fireworks at night? It might be tempting, but it’s far safer to leave your dog at home. More pets get lost on July 4th than any other major holiday, and it’s because of the loud booms of fireworks startling them into running. Keep your pet at home, secured in an escape-proof area.

Fireworks at Home

Many people like to set off smaller pyrotechnics like firecrackers and sparklers at home. Remember to secure your pet a safe distance away. Not only do these items contain harmful chemicals like arsenic, they could burn a pet’s face and paws should they get too close.

Identify Properly

It never hurts to be safe—sometimes your pet can escape even despite your best preventative efforts. Ensure you get your pet back safely and quickly by keeping them properly identified at all times. Make sure your pet is wearing up-to-date ID tags on the collar, is outfitted with a microchip, or has both. Contact your Millsap vet if your pet’s identification needs renewed.


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