Guidelines For Summer Dog Care

By Palani_CML

Your golden retriever Bella is a workout machine who’s always ready for a trot around the neighborhood or a run through the dog park. In fact, your Santo veterinarian is thrilled that Bella keeps herself in such tip-top shape. Now that the weather’s getting quite a bit warmer, consider adjusting Bella’s exercise schedule and packing some extra water for both of you. You’ll also need to closely monitor Bella’s health throughout the hot summer months.

Physical Well-Being

Bella’s thick double coat keeps her toasty warm in colder weather, but carting that extra weight around in the hot summer might provide extra stress on her body. Ask her groomer to shorten up Bella’s coat without scalping her, but keep some sunscreen handy for those spots where you see exposed skin. Also, keep parasites such as fleas, ticks, and heartworms away from Bella with a vet-recommended preventive treatment.

Summer Exercise Schedule

Plan to walk or jog with Bella during the cooler early morning or evening hours. The workout will be easier for both of you, and you’ll also have less traffic to navigate. If you plan to walk at night, pull on some reflective clothing and outfit Bella in a reflective vest or other highly visible accessories. Regardless of your exercise schedule, bring plenty of water along, and keep Bella off hot asphalt that can burn her paws.

Super-Hot Weather

When she’s not working out, Bella loves to bask in the sun in your back yard. While this might work when it’s pleasantly cool, Bella needs some shady spots to help cool her body when it’s hot outside. Provide Bella with access to plenty of fresh water to help prevent dehydration. Also, Bella would love a small kiddie pool she can splash in, or a cooling sprinkler she can run through when it’s blistering hot. Your Santo vet probably has some additional tips for helping Bella manage super-hot weather.

No matter what: Do not ever leave Bella in the car in hot weather – even if you leave the windows open. Don’t even leave her in the car in pleasantly warm weather. Your car will act like a giant glass greenhouse, with the interior heating up quickly in the sunlight, with poor Bella trapped and unable to escape. You don’t want Bella to die in there, so err on the side of caution and leave Bella at home.


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