How The Vet Cleans Your Dog’s Teeth

By Palani_CML

Your dog Sadie has some serious bad breath. She just jumped up to lick your face, and her happy little canine smile didn’t quite make up for her nasty mouth odor. Even though you brush Sadie’s teeth when you have a few spare minutes, you know you’re not reaching all the food debris that’s accumulating behind or under her choppers. Clearly, Sadie needs a thorough teeth cleaning from her Santo veterinarian. You pull out the vet hospital’s card and ask for the first available doggie dental cleaning appointment.

Procedure Schedule

Your vet and his professional staff can complete Sadie’s dental cleaning in one day. You’ll drop Sadie off shortly after the vet hospital opens, and your vet will complete the procedure sometime during the day. Sadie will rest comfortably before you pick her up during the late afternoon or early evening.

Complete Dental Exam

Before Sadie’s cleaning begins, your vet will evaluate her overall health and will examine her past dental records, if they are available. If the vet determines Sadie’s teeth simply have a plaque and tartar accumulation, along with some gingivitis or bone loss around one or more teeth, she’ll receive a standard dental cleaning. If he notices additional problems, he’ll contact you before addressing them. Finally, the vet might request pre-anesthetic blood work to ensure Sadie is healthy enough for the required anesthesia.

Dental Scaling

Your vet must anesthetize Sadie so he can safely clean her teeth, evaluate her tissues, and obtain x-rays if necessary. A veterinary technician will monitor Sadie during the procedure, while the vet cleans your pooch’s teeth above and below her gum line. After he removes the plaque and tartar with dental scalers, he’ll polish Sadie’s teeth to make tooth surfaces smoother and discourage further debris buildup.

You might think you’re home free once Sadie gets her professional dental cleaning. Actually, your work is just beginning, as your Santo vet will recommend that you brush Sadie’s teeth regularly. He might also suggest dental rinses and/or dental chews that can contribute to her good dental health. After all, he wants Sadie to have gleaming white choppers as much as you do.


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