How To Exercise Your Indoor Cat

By Palani_CML

Indoor cats are often at an even higher risk for obesity, since they tend to lay around soaking up the sun instead of exercising! Get your cat some much-needed physical activity while remaining indoors—use these suggestions from a Santo veterinarian.

String or Ribbon

What cat doesn’t love batting around at a piece of string, ribbon, or yarn dangled in front of them? If your cat isn’t interested in rubber chew toys, try this simple method of getting her moving. Dangle the string in front of her for several minutes at a time, letting her catch it periodically. Once your cat has been active for at least five minutes, let her rest. Remember to pick up the string after playtime—cats can swallow them, leading to intestinal obstruction.

Jungle Gyms

Cat jungle gym structures are great tools to get your cat active. Available at most pet supply stores and some veterinarian’s offices, these structures provide multiple platforms and items for your cat to move around on and play with. Many come with built-in toys and scratching posts. Try sprinkling catnip on the jungle gym to entice your cat into playing on it.

Fake Prey Toys

Cats have a natural instinct to hunt prey. Even if your cat rarely uses it anymore thanks to her posh indoor life, she’ll probably go wild chasing a fake mouse, bird, or insect toy. Pick up a few of these at a local pet supply store or vet’s office, and drag them along the floor near your cat. She’ll love stalking the toy, eventually pouncing. It’s great fun for her, and doubles as wonderful exercise!

Laser Lights

You’ve probably heard of laser-light cat toys. They shine a light when you press a button, usually in the shape of an insect, bird, or other enticing critter. Cats love chasing around the light, trying in vain to capture it. It’s a great way to get your cat moving around and shed a few pounds. Take care not to shine the laser in your cat’s eyes, though, as prolonged exposure could cause retinal damage.
These aren’t the only fun ways to exercise your indoor pet—check with your Santo veterinarian for more help on getting your cat moving!


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