Intestinal Parasite Infections In Rats

By Palani_CML

Several types and species of intestinal parasites can infect pet rats, and it’s important to get the condition treated promptly to prevent any serious symptoms. Learn more from your Santo veterinarian below.


There are a few ways intestinal parasites can be contracted. Worms, eggs, and protozoa are often transmitted through feces of infected rats, or infected bedding material. If your rat comes into contact with insects carrying a disease, like cockroaches, beetles, or fleas, infection could result. Also, cats can carry tapeworms and transmit them to rats.


An infection of worms or other parasites usually results in diarrhea, visible bits of worm or whole worms in the feces, weight loss with a concurrent decrease in appetite, or even internal cysts or blockage of the intestine. Some infestations result in vomiting and diarrhea. You may notice your rat excessively licking or chewing at his rear end and the base of the tail.


Your veterinarian will confirm the diagnosis of an intestinal parasite to determine proper treatment. Often, a fecal examination is needed to identify the type of worms. Depending on the type of parasite infecting your rat, an anti-parasitic drug will probably be administered. Make sure you’re made aware of the dosage and treatment schedule, as well as the protocol for giving your rat medicine at home. Some drugs need to be administered a very specific way to be effective.


While it’s not always possible to completely prevent an intestinal parasite infection, you can try to minimize the risk. Keep your rat’s cage clean and sanitized—a full, thorough cleaning and sanitation once a week should do the trick. Consult your veterinarian on the proper way to do this.
Minimizing contact with other pets, like cats or rodents, can reduce the risk of a parasite being transmitted between animals. Of course, regular office visits with your Santo vet is another great way to ensure every aspect of your rat’s health stays in top form. Set up an appointment today!


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