Other Names/Nicknames:
  • Monkey Terrier
Country/Date of Origin:
  • Germany
  • 1600′s
  • 10 inches
  • 7 to 8 pounds
  • Loyal and devoted pal.  Tends to be a one-person dog.
  • A mark of its terrier blood is the tendency for the Affenpinscher to become hyper excited.
  • Headstrong and quite fearless against any size aggressor.
  • Carries itself with a comical seriousness.
  • Intelligent but not particularly trainable.  Has a mind of its own.

The Affenpinscher is an ancient breed, although its origins are not recorded.  It was known in Germany in the 17th century and is thought to be the foundation breed for the more familiar Brussels Griffon, and perhaps the Miniature Schnauzer.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) classifies the breed as a toy, but elsewhere it is considered a terrier.  The original job of the little, bristle-faced imp was a traditional terrier task as stable rat catcher.

Body Type:
  • Ears are erect and usually cropped to a point.
  • Tail is docked and carried high.
Coat and Grooming:
  • Harsh, wiry coat is short on the body, and longer on the head and legs.  A definite mustache and beard give the dog a monkey-face expression.
  • Black is the preferred color, but black with tan markings, red, or gray mixtures are allowed.
  • Moderate upkeep.
  • Should not be bathed too often as this destroys the crisp, wirehaired feel of the coat.
Health & Wellness:
  • The tiny size and fearless nature can lead to broken bones.
  • Teeth require special care.
  • Slipped stifle (subluxated patella) can cause the dog to have a hitch in its movement.
  • Prominent eyes are subject to scratches and ulcers.
  • Fungal infections in wrinkle between nose and eyes.
  • Follicular dysplasia.
What you should know:
  • Affe means ape or monkey in German.
  • An excellent companion for those whose physical activity is limited.
  • For its size, the Affenpinscher is a good watchdog.
  • This breed is quite rare, and finding a puppy may be difficult.
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