Other names:
  • Berger de Beauce, Bas Rouge
Country/Date of origin:
  • France
  • 1500′s
  • Females:  24 to 26-1/2 inches
  • Males:  25-1/2 to 27-1/2 inches
  • 66 to 85 pounds
  • Super intelligent and very trainable.
  • Wary of strangers.
  • Natural guarding instincts.
  • Tends to be a one-person dog.
  • Very independent nature.
  • Wants to take charge of all situations.
  • Not recommended for the first time dog owner.

The Beauceron is one of the best-known sheepdogs in France.  Like some of its compatriot breeds, the Beauceron has double dewclaws that enable it to get a good grip in the sheep’s wool when it climbs across their backs to get across a flock.  Although it has been used as a herding dog for centuries, it is thought the original use was as a hunting dog.  The Beauceron is also used successfully as a police dog.

Body Type:
  • A large dog that looks like a cross between a Doberman and a Rottweiler, although it is related to neither.
  • Ears are cropped to a point and are held erect in the United States.
  • Long tail is carried low and is not altered.
  • The coat is short but not smooth.
  • Two color patterns are allowed:  black with tan markings above the eye, on the side of the face, under the neck, and forming stockings.
  • The other color is black with grayish merle speckling, which is described as harlequin.  The harlequin is quite uncommon.
  • Minimal grooming required.
Health and Wellness:
  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Skin allergies.
What you should know:
  • The breed is nicknamed bas rouge which is red stockings in translation.  This refers to the rusty markings on the lower legs.
  • Popular in France, Belgium, and Holland but relatively uncommon elsewhere.
  • Finding a puppy will be very difficult and probably costly.
  • Candidate for the title of most intelligent dog.  The Beauceron is reported to surpass the German Shepherd Dog and the Border Collie.
  • Its independent nature may not make it as trainable a breed as a Golden Retriever.
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