Berger Des Pyrenees

Other names/Nicknames:
  • Labri
  • Pyrenean Sheepdog
Country/Date of origin:
  • France
  • 1700′s
  • 15 to 19 inches
  • 40 pounds
  • Lively with quick reflexes.
  • Intelligent with an excellent memory.
  • Courageous, faithful, and dependable.
  • Herding abilities instinctive, as are ratting prowess.
  • Naturally protective.

The small Sheepdog of the Pyrenees Mountains is considered the oldest of the French herding dogs.  It was used in concert with the large, white, sheep-guardian dogs of the region.  The little dog herded the sheep.  The big dog watched over them.  The natural abilities of this shaggy shepherd are legend.  It was officially recognized by the French Kennel Club in 1921, but it has not made much of a name for itself outside its homeland.

Body Type:
  • A small, shaggy Sheepdog.
  • Ears are cropped to stand upright or left natural.
  • Tail is docked or is a natural bobtail.
  • Double dewclaws are a hallmark of the breed.
  • Long, shaggy, coarse hair is water resistant.
  • Hair on the tail and loins is woolly.
  • There are two varieties.  One has long hair all over the body, and the other has shorter hair on the face.
  • Permissible colors are harlequin or fawn, with or without brindle markings.
  • Moderate grooming required.
Health and Wellness:
  • Remarkably hardy.
  • Particularly resistant to distemper.
What you should know:
  • In World War I, the Berger des Pyrenees was used to carry messages and search for the wounded.  Many were killed on the battlefields.
  • This active little dog needs a job to do.  Will become frustrated, and perhaps destructive, if not given mental and physical exercise.
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