Egyptian Mau

  • Extremely intelligent, loyal, active, and devoted.
  • Sociable and affectionate, but can be aloof with strangers.
  • Only natural breed of domestic spotted cat.
  • Frequently express happiness by chortling and wiggling their tails while treading with their forepaws.
  • Many have been known to defend their owners when necessary.

One of the oldest breeds of domestic felines dating back to 1400 B.C.  Drawings of spotted cats can be seen in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs.  In 1956, three Egyptian Maus were brought to the United States by an exiled Russian princess and became the foundation for the breed.  Granted championship status in the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in 1977.

Body Type:
  • Medium-sized and long, with well-developed muscular strength.
  • Hind legs are longer then front, giving the appearance of being on tip toe when standing upright.
  • Head is a slightly-rounded wedge with medium to large ears
  • Green eyes are large and alert.
  • Medium length with a lustrous sheen.
  • Random spotting with contrasting bands of darker color (ticking) on legs and tail.
  • Four colors:  silver, bronze, smoke, and black on black (black is not accepted for shows but is valuable in many breeding programs).
Health and Wellness:
  • Some lines have problems with asthma.
  • As with asthma in humans, air passages in the lungs constrict causing difficult breathing.
  • Medication is available to alleviate symptoms.
What you should know:
  • This is the only natural breed of spotted cats.
  • Egyptian Maus have a relatively limited gene pool.
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