Istrian Gonic

Other names/Nicknames:
  • Yugoslavian Gonic
Country/Date of origin:
  • Yugoslavia
  • 19th century
  • 18 to 23 inches
  • 33 to 55 pounds
  • About 44 being the average
  • Very active and alert.
  • Calm in nature, friendly, and affectionate.
  • Tends to roam.
  • Great stamina.

There are many fine trailing hounds from the Istrian region of the former Yugoslavia.  They are referred to as Gonic (hound).  Legs, which are longer than are usual in a Foxhound-type dog, help the Gonic traverse the rugged mountain slopes of its homeland.  The Gonic is used alone or in a pack to trail hare, fox, and roebuck.  The Istrian Gonic comes in two coat varieties.  The rough-haired is called the Ostrodiaki.  The smooth-coated is called the Kratkodiaki.  The smooth-coated dog is about a half-inch smaller than the rough-haired variety.

Body Type:
  • Resembles a slim, long-legged Foxhound.
  • Medium-length tail should reach just to the hocks.  It is not altered.
  • Hanging ears should be long enough to reach the nose, although some variation is allowed.
  • Double coat.  The undercoat is soft and woolly.  The outercoat is two- to four-inches long, hard, and not glossy.
  • The coat is rough and ruffled, but without waves or curls.
  • In the smooth-coated variety, the coat is very short, dense, very fine, and glossy.
  • Color is always snow white with small patches of bright orange scattered about the head and body.
  • A star of white on the forehead is highly desirable.
  • Grooming is moderate.
Health and Wellness:
  • None are presently known.
What you should know:
  • A puppy will be difficult to obtain in this breed due to the strife in the former Yugoslavia.
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