Praziquantel + Emodepside

General Description: A topical solution used to treat and control hookworm, roundworm and tapeworm infections in cats at least 8 weeks of age and 2.2 lb body weight. A single dose usually is sufficient to treat a tapeworm infection, but two doses may be necessary for hookworms and roundworms. Available in 4-packs in 3 different sizes (based upon your cat’s weight).

What is this drug?

A dewormer for cats
Administered topically
Reasons for prescribing:

To kill the tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms in cats
What dogs/cats should not take this medication?

Cats less than 8 weeks of age or weighing less than 2.2 pounds (1 kg)
Safe use has not been established in breeding, pregnant or nursing queens
Use with caution in sick or debilitated cats
Use with caution in heartworm positive cats
If your pet has had an allergic reaction to praziquantel + emodepside or like products before

Read and follow the label carefully.

Using the appropriate size of tube for your cat’s weight, part the hair on the back of the cat’s neck at the base of the head. Squeeze the entire contents of the tube onto the skin.

Do not get this product in the cat’s mouth or eyes.

Do not allow the cat to lick the application site for one hour. In multi-pet households, keep animals separated to prevent licking of the application site.

A single dose should clear a tapeworm infection although a series of two doses may be necessary for hookworms and roundworms. If re-infection occurs, re-apply after 30 days.

What if a dose is missed?

Not applicable

What to tell/ask veterinarian before giving medication?

Talk to your veterinarian about:

When will your pet need to be rechecked
What tests may need to be performed prior to and during treatment with this drug
What are the risks and benefits of using this drug
Tell your veterinarian about:

If your pet has experienced side-effects on other drugs/products
If your pet has experienced digestive upset now or ever
If your pet has experienced any other medical problems or allergies now or ever
If your pet is pregnant or nursing or if you plan to breed your pet
Storage and Warnings:

Store at or below 77º F (25º C). Protect from freezing.

Not for human use. Keep this and all medication out of reach of children and pets.

Protect children from contact with the application site for 24 hours while the product is being absorbed.

Pregnant women, or women who may become pregnant, should avoid direct contact with, or wear disposal gloves when applying this product.

People with known hypersensitivity to butylhydroxyanisole, emodepside or praziquantel should use extreme caution when applying this product.

Call your physician immediately if you accidentally take this product.

Potential side effects:

You may see stiff hair, a damp appearance of the hair, or a slight powdery residue at the application site. These effects are temporary and do not affect the safety or efficacy of the product.
There have been reports of application site reactions (hair loss, dermatitis, swelling, redness), salivation, scratching, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, staggering, loss of appetite, facial swelling, seizures, twitching and death
If your pet shows any of the above symptoms, or you notice anything else unusual, contact your veterinarian
Can this drug be given with other drugs?

Yes, there are no known drug interactions with praziquantel + emodepside
If your pet experiences any unusual reactions when taking multiple medications, contact your veterinarian.

Contact your veterinarian immediately if pet is exposed to more than the prescribed amount.

What else should I know?

Notify your veterinarian if your animal’s condition does not improve or worsens despite this treatment.

As with all prescribed medicines, praziquantel + emodepside should only be given to the pet for which it was prescribed. It should be given only for the condition for which it was prescribed.

This is just a summary of information about praziquantel + emodepside. If you have any questions or concerns about praziquantel + emodepside or the condition it was prescribed for, contact your veterinarian.

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