Russian Blue

  • Elegant, intelligent, shy, and sensitive.
  • Known to have a look-before-you-leap approach towards life.
  • Content when they are left alone during the day.
  • Shed very little.

This natural cat was brought to England from Northern Europe in the 1800′s where it was developed into a breed.  In the past, this cat was known by many names including Archangel, Spanish Blue, and Maltese Blue.  The Russian Blue almost became extinct during World War II, but was saved through the efforts of dedicated breeders.  Russian Blues were exported from England into the United States in 1947, but did not become popular show cats until the 1960′s.

Body Type:
  • Medium-sized, fine boned, muscular, and lithe.
  • Head is a smooth, medium wedge with moderately large, wide-set ears.
  • Vivid green eyes are round and wide set.
  • Double coat is dense, short, fine, plush, and has a silky feel.
  • Color is an even, bright blue-gray with silver tips.
  • There should be no tabby markings (although some barring is seen on kittens).
Health and Wellness:
  • Although genetically linked physical problems have not been reported, some lines have problems with timid temperaments.
What you should know:
  • Although most Russian Blues tend to be a little shy, some can be overly timid. Spend some time with kittens in order to select a pet that will be sociable.
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