General Description : A fast acting, beef-flavored chewable tablet to give your dog month long flea protection. Spinosad starts to kill fleas within 30 minutes of application, and eliminates 100% of your dog’s fleas within 4 hours. Safe for use in dogs older than 14 weeks. The active ingredient, spinosad, is environmentally friendly and FDA approved. Packages are available in five sizes, each containing a six month supply.

What is this drug?

A biologic product, an ultra-fast flea-killing tablet
Classified by the USDA as an organic substance (considered a drug, not an insecticide)
Given by mouth
Reasons for prescribing:

For the prevention and treatment of flea infestation on the dog
Prevents future infestations when used monthly
Does not kill other internal or external parasites
What dogs/cats should not take this medication?

This product is not approved for nor recommended for use in cats
Use with caution in dogs with pre-existing epilepsy
Dogs less than 14 weeks of age
Use with caution in breeding, pregnant or nursing dogs
The safe use of spinosad in male breeding dogs has not been established
If your pet has had an allergic reaction to spinosad or like products

Give with food monthly for maximum effectiveness.

Treatment may begin at any time of the year. Ideally, begin administration one month before fleas become active, and then continue monthly throughout flea season. Should your area experience fleas year-round, give spinosad monthly without interruption.

To minimize re-infestation, treat all pets in the house with an approved product.

You can play with your dog immediately after treatment. There is no need to isolate your pet.

Read and follow the label carefully.

What if a dose is missed?

If a dose is missed, give it as soon as you can and resume a monthly dosing schedule. Do not give two doses at the same time.

What to tell/ask veterinarian before giving medication?

Talk to your veterinarian about:

When will your pet need to be rechecked
What tests may need to be performed prior to and during treatment with this drug
What are the risks and benefits of using this drug
Tell your veterinarian about:

If your pet has experienced side-effects on other drugs/products
If your pet has experienced any other medical problems or allergies now or ever
All medicines and supplements that you are giving your pet or plan to give your pet, including those you can get without a prescription. Your veterinarian may want to check that all of your pet’s medicines can be given together.
If your pet is pregnant or nursing or if you plan to breed your pet
Storage and Warnings:

Store at 20-25°C (68-77°F), excursions permitted between 15-30°C (59-86°F).

Keep this and all medication out of reach of children and pets. Not for human use.

Call your physician immediately if you accidentally take this product.

Potential side effects:

The most common adverse reaction is vomiting. If your dog vomits within 1 hour of administration, re-dose with another full dose
Other side effects include decreased or increased appetite, lethargy, diarrhea, cough, increased thirst, vocalization, redness of the skin, hyperactivity and drooling.
Synthetic beef flavor is actually derived from pork protein and hydrolyzed soy. Use with caution in dogs allergic to pork.
If these symptoms persist or you notice anything else unusual, contact your veterinarian
Can this drug be given with other drugs?

Yes, but possible interactions may occur with high doses of ivermectin
If your pet experiences any unusual reactions when taking multiple medications, contact your veterinarian

Contact your veterinarian immediately if pet eats more than the prescribed amount.

What else should I know?

Notify your veterinarian if your animal’s condition does not improve or worsens despite this treatment.

As with all prescribed medicines, spinosad should only be given to the pet for which it was prescribed. It should be given only for the condition for which it was prescribed.

This is just a summary of information about spinosad. If you have any questions or concerns about spinosad or the condition it was prescribed for, contact your veterinarian.

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