• Extremely intelligent, affectionate, and people-oriented.
  • Very sociable and eager to participate in household activities.
  • Known to enjoy riding on shoulders.

Hybrid that is the result of crossings in the 1950′s between Burmese and Siamese in an effort to create a cat midway between the darker colors of the Burmese and the lighter colors of the Siamese.  As Burmese and Siamese breeds became more diverse and extreme in type, the Tonkinese provided a more intermediate look, neither cobby nor svelte.  Accepted for championship status in the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in 1984.

Body Type:
  • Medium-size, intermediate in type, balanced, muscular and surprisingly heavy.
  • Head is a modified wedge shape with medium, wide-set ears.
  • Distinctive aqua colored eyes are a medium almond shape.
  • Coat is medium short, fine, soft, and glossy.
  • Coat texture resembles mink.
  • Can take 18 months before color fully develops.
  • Eye color can change as the cat matures.
  • CFA recognizes mink colors for championship competition including:  natural mink (medium-brown body graduating to dark brown points), champagne mink (golden-buff body graduating to medium-brown points), blue mink (soft blue-gray body graduating to slate-blue points), and platinum mink (pale-silver body graduating to frosty-gray points).
  • The International Cat Association (TICA) recognizes the mink colors, as well as those same colors in solid and pointed versions.
Health and Wellness:
  • Kittens may be slow to develop a strong immune system, making them susceptible to colds and upper respiratory infections.  As the cat matures, the problem subsides.
What you should know:
  • Happiest when in homes with a companion cat.
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